Combine the mouse pointer Mobility
Q It is not easy to turn the page with wheel button. What should I do?

A You might be not familiar with at first.
It is easier to use if you rub with less power on your hand.

Q Is it better to have a function of laser pointer?

A It is better to have a physical laser pointer.
But conclusively, we proceed to implement that laser pointer shape is shown on PPT display.
Because, recently, the trend is that dissemination of a huge monitor or OLED screen is expanded. We checked that laser pointer is seen worse than physical raser on the existing textile screen.
It has a drawback that physical laser pointer is not seen well on a huge monitor lights are coming out so that we improved this problem and released.

Q When is the manufacturing of the pointer mouse started?

A It has been manufactured and commercialized since 2018.

Q Is the pointer mouse made in China?

A It is researched and developed in Korea. The manufacturing process is undergoing in Korea until now.

Q Is it waterproof?

A It is not manufactured with water-proof function same as a computer, laptop, computing mouse.

Q What is different from the air mouse/gonggan mouse?

A It is cumbersome that document input is difficult or some steps are progressed because a coordinate setting value is distorted when you move your finger to keyboard to enter a document.
So, we improved these problems.

Q Where is it placed to be used?

A You can wear on a finger to use if you can move your fingers.
Our product is a wearable pointing mouse which is adjustable by the thickness and length of various users' finger.

Q Home key function on the right bottom of pointer mouse is functioning as a click in L company's smartphone, how can it be used?

A Home key function on the right bottom of pointer mouse is functioning as a click in L company's smartphone because L company's operating system is set little differently. So it has subtle differences.
In this case, you can click the Home Key button of the phone.

Q Is the pointer mouse available for iPhone/iPad?

A Device supported iOS 13 , iPad OS would operate easily.

Q How long is the distance the pointer mouse can operate normally?

A Pointer mouse is used with Bluetooth so it operates normally in a range of 10m.

Q How is the pointer used?

A Recently, the trend is to use a huge TV, OLED, monitor. It looks like absorbing laser so it cannot see well on the screen.
Therefore, it is very convenient to use mouse cursor as a pointer for PPT slide.
But, if you want laser pointer's shape and color, you can choose control panel > mouse option.

Q How can a battery's remaining indicator be checked?

A Pointer mouse doesn't have a function that displays the battery's remaining capacity.
Because the cost of the products increases with the battery remaining indicator, and it can be used for 5 hours continuously when being charged about 60 minutes just one time.

Q How is battery charged?

A You can charge it by connecting a micro 5-pin charger.
You can use if it turns out orange color when you push the power button.
If it doesn't turn out orange color when you push the power button, you connect to the charger.
If it turns out red, it is being charged.
It is fully charged when it turns out blue.
In general cases, it is better to charge it when blue full charging display is on the power button.
You can use almost 5 hours continuously if it is charged for 20~30 minutes. (Our products use low-power mode/sleep mode)

Q How can it be used for PC not available for Bluetooth?

A In the case of window 7,8,10, it is connected with Bluetooth receiver BU-4096.

Q How can you connect a computer desktop?

A 1. Bluetooth Dongle should be ready to receive and check whether the window version is 7,8 or 10.
2. If it is window 8,10-after 1~3 minutes connecting Bluetooth Dongle to a computer, it will be connected automatically(recommendation: Bluetooth receiver BU-4096).
3. Computer control panel > Turn on Bluetooth > Add a device > after 1~3 minutes, mouse cursor shows on the display and it operates normally.
4. And then, click the Bluetooth on the next page.
5. Please, turn on the power of the product.
6. When you first connected it, mouse cursor shows up after 1~2 minutes, Gaol mu Mouse Yam shows up next.
The mouse cursor moves when you rub softly the button in the middle of the product.
You can use left click function if you push the button.

※ Warning
If you stop using for 1~3 minutes, mouse cursor disappears in power saving mode.
It shows up again if you push the button in the middle of the mouse, so it has no problem.
If you don't use the mouse for a long time, you can push and hold the power button for 2~3 seconds. (It is configured not turn off when you push power button by mistake during use.)

※ Reference
You can process the above steps for one time. It is connected automatically when turning on same as the existing Bluetooth mouse.
- Please, check that it is turned off after use to prevent discharge.

Q Is it possible to use a Bluetooth connection on the iPhone?

A 1. Connect via Bluetooth 'Goalmu Mouse Yam'
2. Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch -> Assistive Touch ON